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Amanda Parsons

If I said I always wanted to work in finance and make peoples dreams come true I’d be lying.

In reality, I took what I thought would be a temporary job in a bank in the 1990’s, ended up qualified as a financial adviser and the rest, as they say, is history.

I’d spent a number of years in both corporate and private business before founding AAP in 2011. The early days of starting the business weren’t so easy, I don’t mind admitting. But I knew that if I worked hard enough and did an amazing job for every client who had backed me, I had the skills, expertise and passion to make a success of this business to deliver an outstanding service to my clients.

I am supported by two great administrators who share the business principles of honesty, integrity and professionalism.

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Helene Arnold

Helene has worked in the business since 2014 and is responsible for setting up new client files, managing the existing client reviews and generally supporting whatever projects we are working on!

She is a gin lover with a huge array of empty bottles (she’s a drinker, not a bottle collector!)

I often hear her on the phone to clients talking about the latest one she’s tried, so if you need any gin advice do call and ask for her by name.

Claire Dougherty

Claire. What can I say, she looks quite meek and mild but since her full induction was passed with flying colours in 2019 she’s become a force to be reckoned with. Claire is responsible for progressing your cases with the lenders, insurers and solicitors. She’s got into the swing of making things happen and gently asserting pressure when necessary to get things done.

She will regularly update you and nudge you into action if you need to do something to facilitate the process.

She is also the office Water Monitor ensuring we are all well hydrated with cold water. If she has one failing it is that my preferred water is hot, accompanied with a teabag and milk. As part of our striving for continued professional development it is an area she is working on.

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