Funeral Plans

Let’s face it, we are all going to die sometime. Many of our clients find setting up a funeral plan in advance gives them peace of mind. We can help you choose what is important to you in tailoring a plan to suits your future needs.

Having a funeral plan has many benefits:

  • You fix the price you will pay for the funeral you will definitely need sometime in the future
  • You take the stress, worry and financial burden away from your loved ones
  • You can choose your funeral director in advance from the Golden Charter network of Funeral Directors. They will confirm after application if they can accept your plan and the contract to provide your future funeral is then in place for the time of need
  • You get to choose what sort of send off you would like. You can write an Expression of Wishes letter and leave it with the funeral director chosen to elaborate on the sort of sendoff you would like

We only offer funeral plans from Golden Charter. The range of plans we can offer vary from the very basic direct to cremation plan to the most comprehensive of plans which includes everything you could wish for. The range of plans we offer cater for all budgets and there are a range of payment options we can tailor to your needs. Please speak to us about giving you peace of mind that when you have died your arrangements are already in place.

*Funeral Plans are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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